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Summer is here!  It’s time for family fun, baseball and soccer games, and vacations…so why do we need an emergency plan too?  Because disasters can happen at any time, and at anyplace, even when we are on vacation.

We need to become familiar with natural and man-made hazards in the area we are planning to visit, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis.  But even tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can be challenging in a new environment.

When you arrive at your destination, ask the hotel, resort, campground what is their procedures in the event of an emergency.  Ask for information, many times it is either in your room or provided to you upon check in.  If not, ask.

If you have a newer smartphone, check to ensure the ‘Emergency Alerts’ option is enabled in your ‘Settings’ notification center.  This will allow you to receive geographically-targeted, text-like Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) messages about imminent safety threats in your current location.  Remember WEA messages are for specific warnings only, and not watches.  These warnings are Tsunami, Tornado, Flash Flood, Hurricane, Typhoon, Dust Storm, and Extreme Wind Warnings.

If you have a newer smartphone, consider installing an app that will provide you additional information, including watch notifications and warnings for severe thunderstorms. 

Supplies you should consider taking on vacation with you include:

  • ✓  Travel size emergency supply kit with water, snacks, a first-aid kit, flashlight, small battery operated radio, extra batteries, and emergency contact cards with names and phone numbers.
  • ✓  Pack extra supplies of critical items, such as prescription medication and baby formula, in case your return is delayed by a disaster.
  • ✓  Let family and friends know your itinerary and how to reach you.
  • ✓  Make sure everyone has cell phone numbers of others in your group.  Designate an out-of-area person to contact in case your group is separated during an emergency and local phone lines are overloaded.
  • ✓  If traveling internationally, register with the U. S. Department of State through a free online service at  The Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP) enables the State Department to better assist U.S. travelers in an emergency.

Also remember,

  • ✓  If traveling by car, check the weather forecast for your entire route before and during your trip.
  • ✓  Bring along a travel weather radio, which will automatically switch to the weather radio station closest to your travel area and alert you to local weather warnings.
  • ✓  Become familiar with the names of the counties you are traveling through because weather warnings are issued by county.



Weather warnings on the go!

Imagine this: You’re driving down the highway, humming along to your favorite tunes, when the cell phone stowed in your bag suddenly makes a strange noise. To investigate, you take the next exit and safely pull over to check the screen. Good thing you did: Your phone just alerted you to a tornado a few miles away in same county you’re driving through.

Sound plausible? It is. America’s wireless industry is helping to build a Weather-Ready Nation through a nationwide text emergency alert system, called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), which will warn you when weather threatens.
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National Weather Service has rollout an experimental adaptive forecast page.  You are encourage to try it out and provide feed back to the National Weather Service.






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