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1st Will County
Public Safety Symposium


We are delighted to extend our invitation to you for the 1st Will County Public Safety Symposium, taking place on Friday, October 6, 2023, at the Clarion Hotel 411 S Larkin Ave Joliet, Illinois 60436. This symposium has been meticulously crafted to showcase invaluable insights from past large-scale incidents, while also addressing the implementation of best practices moving forward.


We warmly welcome and encourage the participation of all members of the public safety community, including fire/ems, law enforcement, emergency management, communication centers, higher education institutions, k-12 schools, public information officers, public works departments, hospitals, public health facilities, road districts, highway departments, and elected officials.

Your presence at this event would be a tremendous honor, providing an opportunity to directly engage with your local public safety entities and address best practices. We sincerely hope that you can join us, as together we strive for a safer and more secure community.


Vendor Display 7:30am-8:00am 

NWS, AmberBox, IPWMAN, FlowMSP, ServPro, and Nicor (open during breaks and lunch as well). 

Breakfast 7:30am-8:00am 

Breakfast provided. 

Highland Park Shooting Lessons Learned 8:00am-10:00am

The community of Highland Park, Illinois was rocked by tragedy on July 4, 2022 that caused several fatalities and many injuries drastically impacting the community. This mass shooting incident is one of the two deadliest in Illinois history.

Tri-County Stockdale Fire Lessons Learned 10:00am-10:30am

One of Shorewood's biggest fires in years left Tri-County Stockdale agricultural business on North Black Road destroyed. The fire caused more than $1 million in damage destroying pole barns, farming goods, and contaminated detention ponds.

Break 10:30am-11:00am

Vendor booths open.

Command and Control Model Review 11:00am-12:00pm

Developing a common command and control model for active threat incidents is crucial to success. A diverse committee was formed to tackle this task of getting one model for police, fire, and dispatch agencies to adopt in Will County.

Lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm

Lunch provided and vendor booths open.

Crisis Communication Seminar 1:00pm-3:00pm

Highlighting the frequently neglected segment of crisis management, internal communications takes center stage. It is imperative for organizations to be ready when in the media's spotlight by maintaining poise during interviews, addressing negativity, crafting impactful press releases, and managing social media messages.


Daniel Eder, MPH, IPEM, LEHP
Lake County Emergency Management Agency 

Daniel is the current Program Manager of Lake County Emergency Management Agency and has been with the agency since December of 2016. Daniel has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Environmental Health degree from Northern Illinois University, a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Benedictine University, is a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner (LEHP). Daniel is going to share his experience in responding to and recovering from the Highland Park shooting last year. He is also going to highlight the importance of planning and partnership and methods of successfully building a resilient community. 

Tim Stencel, RPL
Northwest Central Dispatch System

Tim has been a  9-1-1 Dispatcher at the Northwest Central Dispatch System since 2010. Tim has a Bachelor Degree in Aviation /Airway Management and Operations as well as Aviation Flight from Southern Illinois University. Tim is going to share his 9-1-1 center’s role in the Highland Park shooting and the resources they coordinated that day to support the incident. 

Christopher Dodd
Recovery Manger, IEMA-OHS

Christopher has been employed with Recovery Division at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency since last year. Previously, Christopher was a Deputy Director of the Sangamon County Office of Emergency Management Agency for four years. Christopher is going to share the critical role he had in recovering from the Highland Park shooting.

Fire Chief Paul Hertzmann
Troy Fire Protection District 

The Troy Fire Protection District provides emergency services to the entire Village of Shorewood, as well as the unincorporated sections of Troy Township. Chief Hertzmann is going to share his experience on responding to one of the Village of Shorewood's largest fire in years. Chief Hertzmann is going to touch on Hazardous Materials complexity, limitation to resources, weather effects, and much more.

Deputy Chief Russel Kamp
Troy Fire Protection District 

The Troy Fire Protection District provides emergency services to the entire Village of Shorewood, as well as the unincorporated sections of Troy Township. Deputy Chief Kamp is going to share his experience on responding to one of the Village of Shorewood's largest fire in years. Deputy Chief Kamp is going to touch on Hazardous Materials complexity, limitation to resources, weather effects, and much more.

Fire Chief Steve Malone
Manhattan Fire Protection District 

Chief Malone is a 21-year veteran of the fire service. He worked as a volunteer, part-time, and full-time FF/PM throughout this time and worked his way through the ranks and was promoted to Chief in 2019. Chief Malone is going to highlight his experience in building the Will County Active Threat Response Committee and the importance of adopting a common command and control model for active threat incidents. 

Julie Parker 
President & CEO Crisis Communications

Julie’s unique background has given her a front row seat to crisis communications and media relations, from multiple angles, for more than two decades.  Julie has had many career highlights including, Reporter, ABC7 News, Washington, DC: She covered national stories as the three-week long ordeal known as the Beltway Sniper and the September 11th attacks. Julie is going to focus on how critical both public-facing and internal communications is when crisis hits. She is going to highlight the importance of utilizing social media to connect with the public in effective ways and understanding your audience.  


The Clarion Hotel is offering a discounted rate for overnight stay for the event. The overnight stay comes with a king room, fitness center, and restaurant onsite at $105 plus tax. Please reserve your room prior to September 30, 2023. Contact Sarah Vogel, Area Senior Sales Manager with any questions at or 708-712-8513.



Parking will be located on the East side of the hotel. Please reference the picture below where it states, "Guest Parking". Parking is free and available all day. Please enter through the main hotel entrance doors. Symposium staff will be at the front entrance doors to greet and direct you to check-in.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 143657.png
Hotel layout.jpg



Provide weather, water and climate data, forecasts, warnings, and impact-based decision support services for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy.

Servpro has more than 50 years of experience in the cleanup and restoration industry, and with more than 2160 locations in U.S. and Canada. They serve all different restoration and cleaning needs from water and fire damage to Bio/hazard/Crime scene clean up. 


IPWMAN was founded in 2009, the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network is envisioned as an all-hazards, all-disciplines approach to sharing resources between various Public Works entities in Illinois. 

AmberBox delivers improved safety in US public and commercial buildings through state of the art intelligent solutions. AmberBox technology is unmistakable from the first glance. They value inspirational and dynamic design, discarding outdated ideas, to engineer safer and smarter environments for the communities we serve. 

FlowMSP is an industry-leading pre-incident planning software platform for public safety entities. They innovate better ways for entities to collect critical building information and use it for informed incident response.

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