Access and Functional Needs Registry 

Being prepared for disasters and emergencies is important for all individuals and critical for those with access and functional needs who may need assistance during emergencies. The following information provides emergency preparedness guidance for individuals with access and functional needs. No matter where you live, your community may experience a natural or man-made disaster -- a tornado, flood, winter storm, fire, or a nuclear power plant accident. During any type of disaster, individuals and families should be prepared. It is the job of community officials to plan how to aid, protect and help the community recover from the disaster or emergency. The Access and Functional Needs Registry is a planning tool to assist officials in knowing where citizens reside that may need a little bit more assistance during a disaster or emergency. Completing the registry does not mean that immediate assistance will be made available. It is an important tool for officials to know what other assistance your community may need during a disaster. Providing this information does not insure that you will receive special treatment, but your needs will be given consideration. Take a moment to learn more by watching the Access and Functional Needs Registry For Seniors and Families. These videos show how seniors and families can receive aid during emergencies.

File of Life

It is important to complete a File Of Life. This file contains important medical information that is essential in case of an emergency. The magnetic pouch that comes with this file makes it easy to hang the file on the side of your refrigerator.  Should you need an ambulance, first responders can immediately retrieve you information and instantly know your medical history, with correct treatment beginning at once.  At the hospital your information is immediately available to medical staff, without possible confusion from the patient.  Benefits to you, peace of mind knowing you will have prompt medical care; easy access to potentially life-saving information; and assurance that proper persons will be notified quickly. Should you need to evacuate during an incident, be sure to take your File of Life with you. Take a moment to learn more by watching the video to see how it works!


Additional Information