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Volunteer Response Divisions

An integral part of Will County EMA's mission is to provide for adequate emergency response capabilities within the local community. One of the most direct ways in which Will County EMA accomplishes this is through the coordination of specialized emergency response teams. Within the Agency, there are three key divisions which are comprised of a volunteer force that carry out specialized emergency response duties.

Field Services Division
Division Chief - Michael Dorencz
Assistant Chief - Art Vidmar

Volunteers provide field support to our emergency operations. Functions include:

  • Deployment and operations of our mobile incident command vehicle and our Illinois Transportable Emergency Communications System for IEMA Region 3

  • Severe weather spotting

  • Auxiliary communications and support

  • Traffic control

  • Mobile lighting and power

  • Support to local agencies 

  • Special events

Public Preparedness Group
Division Chief: Erin Ward
Assistant Chief: Michi Dubes
Volunteers of this group support emergency preparedness efforts in Will County by:
  • Attending Safety fairs and expos.
  • Speaking with visitors about the importance of being prepared in the event of an emergency/disaster before it strikes.
  • Informing the public about hazards and emergencies that may affect them or their family and encourage the development of an emergency plan.
  • Encourage the collection and assembly of a disaster supply kit.
  • Inform where to seek shelter from all types of hazards.
  • Inform the public of community warning systems and assist them in signing up for emergency alerts. 
  • Present or assist in presenting programs about specific hazards and preparedness. 
Search and Rescue Team
Division Chief - Allen Matza
Assistant Chief - Sandy Studer

The WCEMA Search and Rescue (SAR) Team consists of professionally trained and certified volunteers that:

  • Provide specialized urban and wilderness ground search and rescue.

  • SAR Team members are from all walks of life.

  • Share a common purpose - to serve our communities by locating individuals or groups who have gone missing or are in imminent danger and returning them to a place of safety.

  • The SAR Team is on call 24/7/365 and deploys at the request of law enforcement, fire departments, and other public saftey agencies throughout Will county and the State of Illinois.

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